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Apparition Enemy.png
Base HP
Red Heart Icon.png10 HP
Alphabirth Enemies
Appears in
Chapter basement.pngChapter cellar.pngChapter caves.pngChapter catacombs.pngChapter depths.pngChapter necropolis.pngChapter dank depths.pngChapter womb.pngChapter utero.pngChapter scarred womb.pngChapter blue womb.pngChapter sheol.pngChapter cathedral.pngChapter dark room.pngChapter chest.pngChapter void.png
Pack 3.png

The Apparition is an enemy added in Pack 3: The End Times.

Attack Patterns[]

  • Has a small chance to appear in any room.
  • Does not attack, but disappears after a couple seconds.
  • When killed drops the Big Sack pickup.


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