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NULL Costume.png
Endor Costume.png
Health Stat Icon1.png Health Random Heart Icon.png Soul Heart Icon.pngEndor Heart Icon.png
Damage Stat Icon1.png Damage ? (*1.00) 3.5 (*0.70)
Tears Stat Icon.png Tears ? -3
Shot Speed Stat Icon1.png Shot Speed ? 1
Range Stat Icon1.png Range ? 23.75
Speed Stat Icon1.png Speed ? 1.20
Luck Stat Icon1.png Luck ? 0
Starting Pickups 3 Random Pickups None
Starting Item(s) Collectibles 258 missingno.png + Questionmark.png

Collectible spiriteye.png + Collectible cauldron3.png

Mod Pack Pack 1.png

Pack 2.png

Collectible buggedbombs.png
Collectible endorshat.png
Mega Satan
Collectible graphicserror.png
Collectible owltotem.png
Collectible oldcontroller.png
Collectible subconscious.png

Alphabirth adds two additional characters to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Each character plays uniquely and challenges the player to approach the game using new strategies and tactics not found with the original base characters.


NULL was released with Pack 1: Mom's Closet and marked the first official playable character in Alphabirth. _NULL is developed to convey the experience of playing a bugged or incomplete character. _NULL's movements, animations, playstyle, and overall aesthetic were designed as, and can be defined as "glitched". _NULL starts each new run with Missing No. (giving the player a new set of items every floor) and a second random item; this ensures that _NULL inherits a completely random set of stats every single time. _NULL can also glitch through solid objects (flying), giving him an early game advantage.


Endor was released with Pack 2: All That Is Unholy and marked the second official playable character in Alphabirth. Endor is developed off of the "Witch of Endor" from the Hebrew bible. In the bible, the Witch of Endor summons the prophet Samuel's spirit at the request of King Saul and in hopes of comforting his distress. Appropriately Endor was designed as a "holy witch" that uses the powers of evil for the purpose of good. Endor starts each run with Cauldron and her trusty other-worldly friend Spirit Eye. Endor also starts with low-damage and she converts health upgrades into eternal hearts to balance her powerful starting items and ability of flight. Picking up Black Hearts will damage Endor instead of giving her the black-heart health.

LittleStoney.png The Binding of Isaac: Alphabirth LittleStoney.png

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