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Exploding Head Syndrome!
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Starting Items
Pseudobulbar Affect

Yum Heart



Glitched Pickups
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Exploding Head Syndrome! is a challenge that was added in Pack 1: Mom's Closet.


Isaac is blindfolded and only shoots transcendent ipecac tears in the direction he moves.

Starting Items[]

Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Pseudobulbar Affect Collectible pseudobulbaraffect.png Pack 1.png "I'm always so sad..." Tears shoot out in the direction Isaac moves.
Yum Heart Collectibles 045 yumheart.png Pack 0.png "Reusable Regeneration" Replenishes one red heart of Isaac's health.
Ipecac Collectibles 149 ipecac.png Pack 0.png "Explosive shots" Replaces tears with high-damage explosive and poisoning projectiles fired in an arc.
Continuum Collectibles 369 continuum.png Pack 0.png "Transcendent tears" When tears travel off-screen, they loop back around through the opposite wall.

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