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For The Hoard!
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Starting Items

Bum Friend

Key Bum

Naudiz (Rune)
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For The Hoard! is a challenge that was added in Pack 2: All That Is Unholy.


Use your bums and damage upgrades from Hoarder to hoard every pickup throughout the run.

Starting Items[]

Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Hoarder Collectible hoarder.png Pack 2.png "Mind if I roll need?" Each consumable held increases damage by 0.04.
Bum Friend Collectibles 144 bumfriend.png Pack 0.png "He's greedy" A beggar who follows Isaac and picks up coins on the ground. Every 6 coins he drops a pickup.
Key Bum Collectibles 388 keybum.png Pack 0.png "He wants your keys!" A beggar who follows Isaac and collects keys, dropping random chests in return.

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