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Alphabirth has added a wide array of items. These items have been designed with the intent of creating thematic additions to the base The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth experience. Currently the complete Alphabirth Collection adds; 18 active items, 41 passive items and 2 trinkets.

Each new Alphabirth mod pack periodically adds additional items to the overall Alphabirth collection. Pack 1: Mom's Closet added 33 items. Pack 2: All That Is Unholy added 29 items.

Active Collectibles

Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Alastor's Candle Collectible alastorscandle.pngChargebar3.png Pack 3.png "It burns with ALastor's rage" Creates fire orbitals that do damage and cause fear.
Bionic Arm Collectible bionicarm.pngChargebar12.png Pack 2.png "Strength of the machine" Every charge grants +0.17 damage up. Mass room damage on use.
Black Pepper Collectible blackpepper.pngChargebar2.png Pack 1.png "This really.. gets in your no... ahh!" Fires a volley of booger tears that latch onto enemies.
Blacklight Collectible blacklight.png Pack 2.png "Pain (equals) Darkness" Mass enemy damage but every use makes the game permanently darker.
Blasphemous Collectible blasphemous.pngChargebar2.png Pack 2.png "My sin follows" Summons a red hush laser that does massive damage and destroys objects.
Blood Drive Collectible blooddrive.png Pack 2.png "Mass blood loss" Removes a heart container but lowers all future enemy's max health.
Book of the Dead Collectible bookofthedead.pngChargebar4.png Pack 2.png "Bardo Thodol" When charged can be used in a room to resurrect enemies as friendlies. Cannot be used on exited rooms.
Cauldron Collectible cauldron3.png Pack 2.png "I hope this pays off" Absorbs pickups in a room, upon being filled spawns a random item.
Chalice of Blood Collectible chaliceofblood3.pngChargebar1.png Pack 2.png "Consume thy enemy" Kills fill, when used in its full state it gives the player a stat boost for the current room.
Cool Bean Collectible coolbean.pngChargebar2.png Pack 1.png "Chilled to the bean" Freezes enemies within a close proximity.
Delirium's Brain Collectible deliriumsbrain.pngChargebar4.png Pack 1.png "Return to sender" Turns all enemy tears on the screen into Isaac's tears and reverses their trajectory.
Green Candle Collectible greencandle.pngChargebar2.png Pack 1.png "Flaming gas, in many ways!" Shoots a poisonous green flame at enemies.
Isaac's Apple Collectible isaacsapple.pngChargebar1.png Pack 1.png "Gravity up" Stops the trajectory of all enemy tears, dropping them to the ground.
Isaac's Skull Collectible isaacsskull.pngChargebar3.png Pack 3.png "Don't ask how this is possible..." Gives Isaac Godhead or Brimstone for the room.
Lifeline Collectible lifeline.pngChargebar6.png Pack 1.png "Sure hope nobody pulls the plug" High chance to fully restore Isaac's health but a small chance to remove a heart container.
Mirror Collectible mirror.png Pack 2.png "I am the enemy" Swaps Isaac's location with a random enemy in the room.
Stone Nugget Collectible stonenugget.pngChargebar1.png Pack 2.png "Stoned fly" Spawns stationary fly familiars that do contact damage to enemies.
Surgeon Simulator Collectible surgeonsimulator.png Pack 2.png "Bzzt" Removes a red heart from Isaac's heart containers and puts it on the floor.
Tearleporter Collectible tearleporter.png Pack 1.png "Warping tears and reality!" Teleports Isaac to the position of his furthest tear.
Trash Bag Collectible trashbag.pngChargebar3.png Pack 1.png "One man's trash..." Spawns a random amount of flies or spiders and has a small chance to spawn additional consumables, including trinkets.

Passive Collectibles

Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Abyss Collectible abyss.png Pack 2.png "They shall fear the abyss" Tears have a chance to freeze enemies and make them "suck in" other near-by enemies.
Addicted Collectible addicted.png Pack 1.png "Stress just changes me, ok?" Upon being damaged Isaac has a chance to activate a random pill effect.
Aimbot Collectible aimbot.png Pack 2.png "L33T_H4X" Tears seek out enemies that are within a close proximity.
Beggar's Cup Collectible beggarscup.png Pack 1.png "Luck to the destitute" Upon picking up Beggar's Cup the player receives a +10 luck up but coins reduces it.
Birth Control Collectible birthcontrol.png Pack 2.png "Familiars (equal) Stats up" Alive familiars are removed in exchange for random stat upgrades.
Blooderfly Collectible blooderfly.png Pack 2.png "Bloody Friend" Seeks out enemies and does low contact damage. Targeted enemies explode and have a chance to drop a heart upon death
Brunch Collectible brunch.png Pack 2.png "Health + Tears up" +1 health up, -2 tears. Turns Isaac green.
Bugged Bombs Collectible buggedbombs.png Pack 1.png "424f4f4d21" Isaac's bombs explode with random bomb effects.
Candle Kit Collectible candlekit.png Pack 1.png "Don't burn it at both ends" Creates two candle orbitals around Isaac that damage enemies and have a chance to ignite them.
Charity Collectible charity.png Pack 1.png "Light in pocket, heavy in heart" The less consumables Isaacs holds the greater the stat boost Charity provides.
Chastity Collectible chastity.png Pack 1.png "I hereby promise to abstain from council with the wicked" Grants a massive stats boost. But it is lost upon entering a "Deal with the Devil" room.
Cologne Collectible cologne.png Pack 1.png "Rhymes with alone..." Creates an aura around Isaac that has a chance to charms enemies who get too close.
Cracked Rock Collectible crackedrock.png Pack 2.png "Shockwave shots!" Chance to fire a rock tear that creates shockwaves upon hitting an enemy.
Crystallized Collectible crystallized.png Pack 3.png "Can you feel the energy?" Gives Crystal Tears that give the Crystallized status effect and can trigger and damage all enemies affected.
Diligence Collectible diligence.png Pack 1.png "The Lord protects me" Chance to 'dodge' damage and immunity to spikes, fires and red poop.
Divine Wrath Collectible divinewrath.png Pack 1.png "Holy light barrage!" Replaces tears with a high-power "holy hush laser" that can destroy all objects.
Endor's Hat Collectible endorshat.png Pack 2.png "Spirit heart regen" Grants a half spirit heart. Upon room clear Isaac has a 50% chance to replenish a half Spirit Heart to a full Spirit Heart.
Entropy Collectible entropy.png Pack 3.png "Thermodynamics at it's finest!" -3 tears delay. Isaac has a very high chance to shoot an extra tear slightly off target.
Faithful Ambivalence Collectible faithfulambivalence.png Pack 3.png "Divine intervention" Angel rooms give a free "devil deal" item, and devil rooms give a free "angel item".
Furnace Collectible furnace.png Pack 1.png "Hot and ready to blow!" When Isaac is damaged fires shoot out in all directions.
Gloom Skull Collectible gloomskull.png Pack 2.png "Damage Up + Evil Up + You feel scared" +1.5 damage and 100% "Deal with the Devil" chance. Causes Permanent Curse of Darkness.
Graphics Error Collectible graphicserror.png Pack 1.png "[WARN] Exception Caught..." Killing an enemy has a chance to spawn a friendly GB Bug familiar.
Hemophilia Collectible hemophilia.png Pack 2.png "What a bloody mess..." Enemies have a chance to explode into a bloody volley of tears on death.
Hive Head Collectible hivehead.png Pack 3.png "Queen Status" Grants a Bee Orbital whenever Isaac finishes a room. Bees block shots but flee when Isaac is injured.
Hoarder Collectible hoarder.png Pack 2.png "Mind if I roll need?" Each consumable held increases damage by 0.04.
Hot Coals Collectible hotcoals.png Pack 2.png "Kinetic Dmg Up + Fire Feet" +1.4 damage while moving, -0.7 damage while still. Moving for long enough continuously will spawn a fire at Isaac's feet.
Humility Collectible humility.png Pack 1.png "May your enemies' pride their downfall" A random enemy becomes tinted red and receives double damage.
Hushy Fly Collectible hushyfly.png Pack 3.png "Littler Hush" A fly orbital that deals contact damage. Hushy Fly stops moving whenever Isaac shoots.
Infection Collectible infection.png Pack 3.png "Enemy Epidemic!" Infection shots give enemies the Infection status which does damage and spreads creep that gives more Infection status.
Infested Baby Collectible infestedbaby.png Pack 2.png "Eight-Legged Friends" Spawns spiders when Isaac shoots, max 1 Infested Baby spider alive per room.
Judas' Fez Collectible judasfez.png Pack 2.png "Become the betrayer" Sets Isaac's health to 1 red heart, all other hearts are replaced with Spirit Hearts. Isaac gains Judas' damage multiplier (*1.35), and activates Book of Belial every 3 rooms.
Kindness Collectible kindness.png Pack 1.png "May your intentions be pure" Enemies become randomly charmed and have elevated chances of dropping hearts.
Leaking Bombs Collectible leakybombs.png Pack 3.png "Push and Run!" Bombs leak explosive gun powder when pushed.
Lil Alastor Collectible lilalastor.png Pack 3.png "Like Alastor. But little." Familiar with a charged fire shot.
Lil Miner Collectible lilminer.png Pack 3.png "Wriggle Digger" Periodically digs down and up finding consumables for Isaac.
Miniature Meteor Collectible miniaturemeteor.png Pack 3.png "It looks like it broke apart." Gives Isaac Meteor shots that can drop Meteor Bits. Meteor Bits increase the damage of Meteor Shots for the current floor.
Mr. Squishy Collectible mrsquishy.png Pack 3.png "Arrhythmiac Splat!" Chance to shoot Mr. Squishy shots which arc up high and then bounce multiple times before exploding into blood shots.
Mutant Fetus Collectible mutantfetus.png Pack 1.png "Bomb Tears?" Tears have a chance to spawn a troll bomb upon hitting an enemy.
Old Controller Collectible oldcontroller.png Pack 1.png "Third Party Revival" Upon death, respawns Isaac as a random starting character with random items.
Owl Totem Collectible owltotem.png Pack 2.png "It watches your back" Shoots a high-knockback homing tear out the back of Isaac's head when enemies get too close.
Paint Palette Collectible paintpalette.png Pack 3.png "Feel the PAIN...t" Dyes enemies one of three colors. Enemies of the same color are all damaged in unison.
Patience Collectible patience.png Pack 1.png "Breathe" Damage up the longer Isaac is in an active room.
Peanut Butter Collectible peanutbutter.png Pack 3.png "PB and Slay" Peanut Butter shots slow enemies and make them stick together.
Poly-Mitosis Collectible polymitosis.png Pack 3.png "Splitting Tears" +0.5 damage and -1 tear delay. Splits Isaacs shots twice during flight.
Possessed Shot Collectible possessedshot.png Pack 2.png "Tear control" Tears have a chance to possess enemies. Possessed enemies shoot Isaac's tears at other enemies and attack them.
Pseudobulbar Affect Collectible pseudobulbaraffect.png Pack 1.png "I'm always so sad..." Tears shoot out in the direction Isaac moves.
Quill Feather Collectible quillfeather.png Pack 2.png "Inksplosive Tears" Chance to shoot an ink tear which explodes into a volley of tears upon hitting an enemy.
Rocket Shoes Collectible rocketshoes.png Pack 3.png "GO GO ROCKET SHOES" +0.1 speed and makes Isaac reach max speed instantly.
Satan's Contract Collectible satanscontract.png Pack 1.png "Read the fine print." 2x damage modifier and grants flight but you also recieve 2x damage. +1 Black Heart.
Shooting Star Collectible shootingstar.png Pack 3.png "Homing Comet Tears" Chance to shoot Shooting Star tears that bounce off of enemies and seek other enemies.
Smart Bombs Collectible smartbombs.png Pack 3.png "Seek and Destroy" One cleared rooms bombs now seek out tinted rocks, secret rooms and crawl spaces.
Spirit Eye Collectible spiriteye.png Pack 2.png "Other-Worldly Friend" Spawns a familiar that bounces around the room. Shooting Spirit Eye cause it to shoot a volley of homing tears.
Stoned Buddy Collectible stonedbuddy.png Pack 1.png "Personal pushover." Familiar that pushes enemies away from Isaac.
Subconscious Collectible subconscious.png Pack 2.png "Follow your heart's intentions" If Isaac takes lethal damage he automatically picks up any available hearts within the current room, saving him from death.
Talisman of Absorption Collectible talismanofabsorption.png Pack 1.png "Lasers heal" Lasers heal Isaac.
Tech Alpha Collectible techalpha.png Pack 2.png "Laser Tears!" Technology lasers fire at enemies from Isaac's tears mid-flight.
Temperance Collectible temperance.png Pack 1.png "True power is in restraint" Grants a stat boost for each floor but it is removed once Isaac enters a treasure room.
The Cosmos Collectible cosmos.png Pack 3.png "The center of the universe" Gives Isaac three planet orbitals that do damage and cause varying status effects.
White Candle Collectible whitecandle.png Pack 1.png "Spread the light" Taking damage spawns random beams of holy light and adds a 1% angel chance for every room explored.


Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Brown Eye Trinket browneye.png Pack 1.png "I got eye in my poop!" Poops now fire friendly tears at enemies.
Emperor's Crown Trinket emperorscrown.png Pack 1.png "I am not afraid" Upon entering a new floor Isaac teleports directly to the boss room.
Moon Rock Trinket moonrock.png Pack 3.png "I wonder where it's from?" Chance to shoot antigrav or tiny planet tears with the "iron bar" effect.

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