Collectible techalpha
Tech Alpha

Your tears now fire lasers at the nearest enemy.

Collectible surgeonsimulator
Surgeon Sim
Takes a red heart and drops it on the floor.
Collectible stonenugget
Stone Nugget
Spawn a fly that deals contact damage. If the fly kills an enemy the item is recharged. 
Collectible spiriteye
Spirit Eye   
Gain a familier that bounces around the room.
Collectible quillfeather

Quill Feather

Grants a chance scaling with luck for a tear to become a black piercing  'ink tear'.
Collectible possessedshot
Possesed Shot   
Effects currently unknown.
Collectible mirror
When used the player swaps places with an enemy.
Collectible luminol
Effects currently unknown.
Collectible judasfez
Judas's Fez
Applies a moderate damage up.
Collectible infestedbaby
Infested Baby
A familier that spits out spiders. Only one spider can be out at a time. 
Collectible hotcoals

Hot Coals

The player recieves a damage down while not moving The player also leaves a trail.
Collectible hoarder
All pickups currently being held give +0.04 damage. 
Collectible hemophilia
When an enemy is killed they have a chance to explode into a cluster of tears.
Collectible gloomskull
Gloom Skull
Gives a damage up and applies permanent curse of darkness.
Collectible crackedrock
Cracked Rock 
Tears have a chance to become rocks causing 'shockwaves' under the enemies feet.
Collectible chaliceofblood
Chalice of Blood
An active item that places an chalice on the ground.
Collectible cauldron1
When used destroys all pickups in the room for certain benefits.
Collectible brunch
Hp and tears up.
Collectible bookofthedead
Book of the Dead
When used the bone piles become your allies. 
Collectible blooderfly
A follower that laches on to enemies and continuously damages them similar to the dead bird. If it kills an enemy the explode into tears and leave a small puddle of creep.
Collectible blooddrive
Blood Drive
Takes a heart container.
Collectible blasphemous
When used spawns a gaint laser follower that deals contact damage.
Collectible blacklight
Black Light
Damages all enemies on screen and permently darkens the screen slightly. Can no longer be used after the screen is completely dark.
Collectible birthcontrol
Birth Control 
Kills all the players followers providing small stat ups for every one.
Collectible bionicarm
Bionic Arm
Deal massive damage to all enemies in the room. 
Collectible alastorscandle
Alastors Candle
Spawns 2 rotating flame familairs that deal contact damage.
Collectible aimbot
Your tears lock on to the nearest enemy.
Collectible abyss
Your tears have a chance scaling with luck to become a void tear. When a void tear hits an enemy it is frozen, sucks in other enemies. and applies fear to surrounding enemies. 
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