Alphabirth adds 3 types of new monsters to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Alphabirth Enemies add completely new enemies to the base game, with unique AI behavior and mechanics. Enemy Variants add new types of variants that can replace existing enemies in the base game, these enemies usually act very similarly to base game enemies with slight modifications. Champions add new champion types to the base game.

Alphabirth Enemies

Name Image Pack Attack Pattern
Apparition Apparition Enemy.png
Pack 3.png
Appears randomly, if killed before it disappears the player gets a Big Sack.
Brimstone Host Brimhost Enemy.png
Pack 3.png
Behaviour like a Host, but shoots a Brimstone laser instead of shots.
Fleshy Planetoid FleshyPlanetoid Enemy.png
Pack 3.png
Orbits Isaac and blocks shots.
Meathead Meathead Enemy.png
Pack 3.png
Lines up with Isaac and slams his head shooting a shockwave at Isaac.
Stargazer Stargazer Enemy.png
Pack 3.png
Remains idle until it opens its eyes and shoots Hush lasers at Isaac.
Stoney Planetoid Planetoid Enemy.png
Pack 3.png
Orbits Isaac and blocks shots, cannot be killed. Die when the room is cleared of all other enemies.
Wizeeker Wizeeker Enemy.png
Pack 3.png
Appears periodically shooting flames in Isaac's direction.

Enemy Variants

Name Image Pack Attack Pattern
3 Eyed Nightcrawler 3EyedNightcrawler Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Burrows up and down periodically, shooting 3 quick shots in succession at Isaac.
Bomb Dip BombDip Enemy.png
Pack 1.png
Randomly slides around the room, exploding upon death.
Demon Bony DemonBony Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Randomly walks around the room, shooting an explosive arcing bone projectile at Isaac when he gets near.
Devourer Globin DevourerGlobin Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Chases enemies doing contact damage, killing one grants the Devourer Globin a stat boost and switches his target to Isaac.
Dip Ulcer DipUlcer Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Burrows up and down periodically, shooting Dip enemies towards Isaac.
Injured Round Worm InjuredRoundWorm Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Burrows up and down periodically, shooting out a puddle of creep.
Kamikaze Fly KamikazeFly Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Bounces around the room dropping bombs. Explodes upon death.
Leech Creep LeechCreep Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Crawls along the wall, shooting out Dart Flies towards Isaac.
Lobotomy Gaper LobotomyGaper Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Aimlessly wanders around the room, upon death spawns a Brain enemy.
Oozing Knight OozingKnight Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Walks around leaving slowing creep behind. Charges Isaac when he sees him.
Round Worm Trio RoundWormTrio Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Burrows up and down periodically, shooting a triple shot at Isaac.
Zygote Zygote Enemy.png
Pack 2.png
Randomly hops around the room, splitting into two Zygotes every few seconds.


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