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NULL Costume.png
Health Stat Icon1.png Health Random Heart Icon.png
Damage Stat Icon1.png Damage ? (*1.00)
Tears Stat Icon.png Tears ?
Shot Speed Stat Icon1.png Shot Speed ?
Range Stat Icon1.png Range ?
Speed Stat Icon1.png Speed ?
Luck Stat Icon1.png Luck ?
Starting Pickups 3 Random Pickups
Starting Item(s) Collectibles 258 missingno.png + Questionmark.png
Mod Pack Pack 1.png

_NULL was released with Pack 1: Mom's Closet and marked the first official playable character in Alphabirth. _NULL is developed to convey the experience of playing a bugged or incomplete character. _NULL's movements, animations, playstyle, and overall aesthetic were designed as, and can be defined as "glitched". _NULL starts each new run with Missing No. (giving the player a new set of items every floor) and a second random item; this ensures that _NULL inherits a completely random set of stats every single time. _NULL can also glitch through solid objects (flying), giving him an early game advantage.


  • When playing as _NULL premeditated strategy becomes largely pointless due to _NULL's inherent design features. Because the player receives new stats and items every floor they are forced to think on their toes and adapt to changing playstyles with varying weaknesses and strengths.
  • _NULL can be brutally unfair and obscenely over-powered in the span of a single run, this means that the best course of action in winning with _NULL is to approach every room with caution and use _NULL's glitched ability (flying) to play as safe as possible.
  • _NULL changes how the game is meant to be played and shifts the focus from being on the totality of a run, to simply surviving the current floor and getting a new "loadout" on the next one.
  • The only stat which transfers between floors is _NULL's health; for this reason, items that give health upgrades are even more precious than normal, and should be sought out and prioritized, especially during the early game.


Collectible buggedbombs.png
Mega Satan
Collectible graphicserror.png
Collectible oldcontroller.png

Gameplay Video[]


  1. _NULL's name is a reference to coding syntax, and the return value of "null".

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