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Mom's Closet was released January 22, 2017 and marked the first official release from Team Alpha. Mom's Closet has since received multiple bug fixes and patches and (0) content updates.

Pack 1: Mom's Closet can be downloaded here.


  • 31 Items
  • 2 new Trinkets
  • 1 Enemy Variant
  • 1 Pickup
  • 1 Transformation
  • 1 Character
  • 4 Challenges



Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Black Pepper Collectible blackpepper.pngChargebar2.png Pack 1.png "This really.. gets in your no... ahh!" Fires a volley of booger tears that latch onto enemies.
Cool Bean Collectible coolbean.pngChargebar2.png Pack 1.png "Chilled to the bean" Freezes enemies within a close proximity.
Delirium's Brain Collectible deliriumsbrain.pngChargebar4.png Pack 1.png "Return to sender" Turns all enemy tears on the screen into Isaac's tears and reverses their trajectory.
Green Candle Collectible greencandle.pngChargebar2.png Pack 1.png "Flaming gas, in many ways!" Shoots a poisonous green flame at enemies.
Isaac's Apple Collectible isaacsapple.pngChargebar1.png Pack 1.png "Gravity up" Stops the trajectory of all enemy tears, dropping them to the ground.
Lifeline Collectible lifeline.pngChargebar6.png Pack 1.png "Sure hope nobody pulls the plug" High chance to fully restore Isaac's health but a small chance to remove a heart container.
Tearleporter Collectible tearleporter.png Pack 1.png "Warping tears and reality!" Teleports Isaac to the position of his furthest tear.
Trash Bag Collectible trashbag.pngChargebar3.png Pack 1.png "One mans trash..." Spawns a random amount of flies or spiders and has a small chance to spawn additional consumables, including trinkets.


Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Addicted Collectible addicted.png Pack 1.png "Stress just changes me, ok?" Upon being damaged Isaac has a chance to activate a random pill effect.
Beggar's Cup Collectible beggarscup.png Pack 1.png "Luck to the destitute" Upon picking up Beggar's Cup the player receives a +10 luck up but pickups reduces it.
Bugged Bombs Collectible buggedbombs.png Pack 1.png "424f4f4d21" Gives Isaac's bombs random bomb effects.
Candle Kit Collectible candlekit.png Pack 1.png "Don't burn it at both ends" Creates two candle orbitals around Isaac that damage enemies and have a chance to ignite them.
Charity Collectible charity.png Pack 1.png "Light in pocket, heavy in heart" The less consumables Isaacs holds the greater the stat boost Charity provides.
Chastity Collectible chastity.png Pack 1.png "I hearby promise to abstain from council with the wicked" Grants a massive stats boost. But it is lost upon taking a devil deal.
Cologne Collectible cologne.png Pack 1.png "Rhymes with alone..." Creates an aura around Isaac that has a chance to charms enemies who get too close.
Diligence Collectible diligence.png Pack 1.png "The Lord protects me" Chance to 'dodge' damage and immunity to spikes, fires and red poop.
Divine Wrath Collectible divinewrath.png Pack 1.png "Holy light barrage!" Replaces tears with a high-power "holy hush laser" that can destroy all objects.
Furnace Collectible furnace.png Pack 1.png "Hot and ready to blow" When Isaac is damaged fires shoot out in all directions.
Graphics Error Collectible graphicserror.png Pack 1.png "[WARN] Exception Caught..." Enemies have a chance to spawn a GB Bug familiar upon death for the current room.
Humility Collectible humility.png Pack 1.png "May your enemies' pride their downfall" A random enemy becomes tinted red and recieves double damage.
Kindness Collectible kindness.png Pack 1.png "May your intentions be pure" Enemies become randomly charmed and have elevated chances of dropping hearts.
Mutant Fetus Collectible mutantfetus.png Pack 1.png "Bomb Tears?" Tears have a chance to spawn a troll bomb upon hitting an enemy.
Old Controller Collectible oldcontroller.png Pack 1.png "Third Party Revival" Upon death, respawns Isaac as a random starting character with random items.
Patience Collectible patience.png Pack 1.png "Breathe" Damage up the longer Isaac is in an active room.
Pseudobulbar Affect Collectible pseudobulbaraffect.png Pack 1.png "I'm always so sad..." Tears shoot out in the direction Isaac moves.
Satan's Contract Collectible satanscontract.png Pack 1.png "Read the fine print." 2x damage modifier and grants flight but you also recieve 2x damage.
Stoned Buddy Collectible stonedbuddy.png Pack 1.png "Personal pushover." Familiar that pushes enemies away from Isaac.
Talisman of Absorption Collectible talismanofabsorption.png Pack 1.png "Lasers heal" Lasers heal Isaac.
Temperance Collectible temperance.png Pack 1.png "True power is in restraint" Grants a stat boost for each floor but it is removed once player enters a treasure room.
White Candle Collectible whitecandle.png Pack 1.png "Spread the light" Taking damage spawns random beams of holy light and adds a 1% angel chance for every room explored.


Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Brown Eye Trinket browneye.png Pack 1.png "I got eye in my poop!" Poops now fire friendly tears at enemies.
Emperor's Crown Trinket emperorscrown.png Pack 1.png "I am not afraid" Upon entering a new floor Isaac teleports directly to the boss room.


NULL Costume.png

_NULL was released with Pack 1: Mom's Closet and marked the first official playable character in Alphabirth. _NULL is developed to convey the experience of playing a bugged or incomplete character. _NULL's movements, animations, playstyle, and overall aesthetic were designed as, and can be defined as "glitched". _NULL starts each new run with Missing No. (giving the player a new set of items every floor) and a second random item; this ensures that _NULL inherits a completely random set of stats every single time. _NULL can also glitch through solid objects (flying), giving him an early game advantage.


Name Icon Pack Effect
Glitched Pickups Costume Glitched Pickups.png Pack 1.png A pickup that "glitches" between multiple pickup types.


Name Image Pack Attack Pattern
Bomb Dip BombDip Enemy.png Pack 1.png Randomly slides around the room, exploding upon death.


Name Costume Pack Effect
Waxed Waxed Costume.png Pack 1.png

Isaac takes no damage from fire

Upon being damaged Isaac shoots out fires in all directions


Name Pack Description Items Unlocks
Exploding Head Syndrome! Pack 1.png Isaac is blindfolded and only shoots transcendent ipecac tears in the direction he moves. Pseudobulbar Affect + Ipecac + Continuum Glitched Pickups
Faust Pack 1.png Isaac starts with 12 heart containers; every floor he is automatically teleported to the boss room. He must use his 100% "Deal with the Devil" wisely as he has no access to treasure rooms or shops. Emperor's Crown + Goat's Head Emperor's Crown
S#!7iest Day Ever! Pack 1.png Isaac is blindfolded and must use Brown Eye poops as his main source of damage. Brown Eye + Brother Bobby + 9 Volt Brown Eye

Change Log[]

Release Date Change Log
Initial Release: 01/22/2017
  • Initial launch release including all base content and features.
V1.1: 01/23/2017
  • Adds in an MIT license
V1.2: 01/24/2017
  • Optimize cache evaluation
V1.3: 01/26/2017
  • Fix map bug
  • Add easy-access config.
V1.4: 01/26/2017
  • Fix challenges and reset function.
V1.5: 01/26/2017
  • Fix huge mistake. BLAME DEADINFINITY!
V1.6: 01/26/2017
  • Cleanup unneeded files
  • Re-add the readme.
V1.7: 01/30/2017
  • Fix beggar's cup issues
  • Hopefully patch a game breaking bug.
V1.8: 01/30/2017
  • White candle no longer spawns soul hearts in "empty" rooms.
V1.9: 01/30/2017
  • Fix blessing of knowledge issue (hopefully)
  • Nerf to _NULL's starting health!
V1.10: 02/01/2017
  • Fix Candle Kit stutteriness.
V1.11: 02/05/2017
  • Buff Green Candle
  • Change Stoned Buddy's movement.
V1.12: 04/22/2017
  • Fixes error spam.
V1.13: 02/16/2017


  • Fixed PATIENCE so that it caps at +4.8 damage
  • Fixed GREEN CANDLE not properly poisoning enemies
  • Fixed BLACK PEPPER booger tears not sticking
  • Increased COOL BEAN range and duration
  • Decreased GREEN CANDLE to 1 charge
  • Removed spirit heart spawning from WHITE CANDLE
  • Reduced likelihood of HUMILITY humiliating an enemy
  • Increase heart-drop chance from charmed enemies to 100% with KINDNESS (reduce chance of 'charming')
  • Changed DELIRIUM'S BRAIN to a 3 charge (instead of 4)
  • COLOGNE now increases with player size
  • Changed MUTANT FETUS to use activator tears rather than on hit percentage


  • New Unlockable Item: OLD CONTROLLER (Delirium Unlock)
  • New Unlockable Item: BUGGED BOMBS (Hush Unlock)
  • New Unlockable Item: GRAPHICS ERROR (Mega Satan Unlock)
  • New Unlockable Consumable: GLITCHED PICKUPS (Exploding Head Syndrome Challenge)
  • Added COOL BEAN sfx
  • Added "WAXED" transformation overlay
  • Added custom "humiliated" status effect for HUMILITY
  • Added BROWN EYE & EMPEROR'S CROWN to the trinket pool
  • Removed BLESSING OF KNOWLEDGE (being re-added in pack 2)


  • Item, costume, entity and character asset updates

Official Trailer[]