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All That Is Unholy was released February 16, 2017 and marked the second official release from Team Alpha. All That Is Unholy has since received multiple bug fixes and patches and (0) content updates.

Pack 2: All That Is Unholy can be downloaded here.


  • 29 Items
  • 1 Character
  • 13 Enemy Variants
  • 2 Transformations
  • 4 Runes
  • 4 Challenges



Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Bionic Arm Collectible bionicarm.pngChargebar12.png Pack 2.png "Strength of the machine" Every charge grants +0.17 damage up. Mass room damage on use.
Blacklight Collectible blacklight.png Pack 2.png "Pain (equals) Darkness" Mass enemy damage but every use makes the game permanently darker.
Blasphemous Collectible blasphemous.pngChargebar6.png Pack 2.png "My sin follows" Summons a red hush laser that does massive damage and destroys objects.
Blood Drive Collectible blooddrive.png Pack 2.png "Mass blood loss" Removes a heart container but lowers all future enemy's max health.
Book of the Dead Collectible bookofthedead.pngChargebar4.png Pack 2.png "Bardo Thodol" When charged can be used in a room to resurrect enemies as friendlies. Cannot be used on exited rooms.
Cauldron Collectible cauldron3.png Pack 2.png "I hope this pays off" Absorbs pickups in a room, upon being filled spawns a "room-dependent" item.
Chalice of Blood Collectible chaliceofblood3.png Pack 2.png "Consume thy enemy" Kills fill, when used in its full state it gives the player a stat boost for the current room.
Mirror Collectible mirror.png Pack 2.png "I am the enemy" Swaps Isaac's location with a random enemy in the room.
Stone Nugget Collectible stonenugget.pngChargebar1.png Pack 2.png "Stoned fly" Spawns stationary fly familiars that do contact damage to enemies.
Surgeon Simulator Collectible surgeonsimulator.png Pack 2.png "Bzzt" Removes a red heart from Isaac's heart containers and puts it on the floor.


Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Abyss Collectible abyss.png Pack 2.png "They shall fear the abyss" Tears have a chance to freeze enemies and make them "suck in" other near-by enemies.
Aimbot Collectible aimbot.png Pack 2.png "L33T_H4X" Tears seek out enemies that are within a close proximity.
Birth Control Collectible birthcontrol.png Pack 2.png "Familiars (equal) Stats up" Alive familiars are removed in exchange for random stat upgrades.
Blooderfly Collectible blooderfly.png Pack 2.png "Bloody Friend" Seeks out enemies and does low contact damage. Targeted enemies explode and have a chance to drop a heart upon death
Brunch Collectible brunch.png Pack 2.png "Health + Tears up" +1 health up, -2 tears. Turns Isaac green.
Cracked Rock Collectible crackedrock.png Pack 2.png "Shockwave shots!" Chance to fire a rock tear that creates shockwaves upon hitting an enemy.
Endor's Hat Collectible endorshat.png Pack 2.png "Spirit heart regen" Grants a half spirit heart. Upon room clear Isaac has a 50% chance to replenish a half Spirit Heart to a full Spirit Heart.
Gloom Skull Collectible gloomskull.png Pack 2.png "Damage Up + Evil Up + You feel scared" +1.5 damage and 100% "Deal with the Devil" chance. Causes Permanent Curse of Darkness.
Hemophilia Collectible hemophilia.png Pack 2.png "What a bloody mess..." Enemies have a chance to explode into a bloody volley of tears on death.
Hoarder Collectible hoarder.png Pack 2.png "Mind if I roll need?" Each consumable held increases damage by 0.04.
Hot Coals Collectible hotcoals.png Pack 2.png "Kinetic Dmg Up + Fire Feet" +1.4 damage while moving, -0.7 damage while still. Moving for long enough continuously will spawn a fire at Isaac's feet.
Infested Baby Collectible infestedbaby.png Pack 2.png "Eight-Legged Friends" Spawns spiders when Isaac shoots, max 1 Infested Baby spider alive per room.
Judas' Fez Collectible judasfez.png Pack 2.png "Become the betrayer" Sets Isaac's health to 1 red heart, all other hearts are replaced with Spirir Hearts. Isaac gains Judas' damage multiplier (*1.35), and activates Book of Belial every 3 rooms.
Owl Totem Collectible owltotem.png Pack 2.png "It watches your back" Shoots a high-knockback homing tear out the back of Isaac's head when enemies get too close.
Possessed Shot Collectible possessedshot.png Pack 2.png "Tear control" Tears have a chance to possess enemies. Possessed enemies shoot Isaac's tears at other enemies and attacks them.
Quill Feather Collectible quillfeather.png Pack 2.png "Inksplosive Tears" Chance to shoot an ink tear which explodes into a volley of tears upon hitting an enemy.
Spirit Eye Collectible spiriteye.png Pack 2.png "Other-Worldly Friend" Spawns a familiar that bounces around the room. Shooing Spirit Eye cause it to shoot a volley of homing tears.
Subconscious Collectible subconscious.png Pack 2.png "Follow your heart's intentions" If Isaac takes lethal damage he automatically picks up any available hearts within the current room, saving him from death.
Tech Alpha Collectible techalpha.png Pack 2.png "Laser Tears!" Technology lasers fire at enemies from Isaac's tears mid-flight.


No trinkets were added in this mod pack.


Endor Costume.png

Endor was released with Pack 2: All That Is Unholy and marked the second official playable character in Alphabirth. Endor is developed off of the "Witch of Endor" from the Hebrew bible. In the bible, the Witch of Endor summons the prophet Samuel's spirit at the request of King Saul and in hopes of comforting his distress. Appropriately Endor was designed as a "holy witch" that uses the powers of evil for the purpose of good. Endor starts each run with Cauldron and her trusty other-worldly friend Spirit Eye. Endor also starts with low-damage and she converts health upgrades into eternal hearts to balance her powerful starting items and ability of flight. Picking up Black Hearts will damage Endor instead of giving her the black-heart health.


Name Icon Pack Effect
Fehu (Rune) Sheet effect fehu.png Pack 2.png Every tile in the room has a 1/3 chance to spawn a penny.
Gebo (Rune) Sheet effect gebo.png Pack 2.png Spawns either a trinket, 1-6 consumables, or rarely an item.
Naudiz (Rune) Sheet effect naudiz.png Pack 2.png Gives Isaac 10 of his lowest consumable.
Sowilo (Rune) Sheet effect sowilo.png Pack 2.png Enemies are ignited for the next 3 rooms.


Name Image Pack Attack Pattern
3 Eyed Nightcrawler 3EyedNightcrawler Enemy.png Pack 2.png Burrows up and down periodically, shooting 3 quick shots in succession at Isaac.
Demon Bony DemonBony Enemy.png Pack 2.png Randomly walks around the room, shooting an explosive arcing bone projectile at Isaac when he gets near.
Devourer Globin DevourerGlobin Enemy.png Pack 2.png Chases enemies doing contact damage, killing one grants the Devourer Globin a stat boost and switches his target to Isaac.
Dip Ulcer DipUlcer Enemy.png Pack 2.png Burrows up and down periodically, shooting Dip enemies towards Isaac.
Injured Round Worm InjuredRoundWorm Enemy.png Pack 2.png Burrows up and down periodically, shooting out creep.
Kamikaze Fly KamikazeFly Enemy.png Pack 2.png Bounces around the room dropping bombs. Explodes upon death.
Leech Creep LeechCreep Enemy.png Pack 2.png Crawls along the wall, shooting out Dart Flies towards Isaac.
Lobotomy Gaper LobotomyGaper Enemy.png Pack 2.png Aimlessly wanders around the room, upon death spawns a Brain enemy.
Oozing Knight OozingKnight Enemy.png Pack 2.png Walks around leaving slowing creep behind. Charges Isaac when he sees him.
Round Worm Trio RoundWormTrio Enemy.png Pack 2.png Burrows up and down periodically, shooting a triple shot at Isaac.
Zygote Zygote Enemy.png Pack 2.png Randomly hops around the room, splitting into two Zygotes every few seconds.


Name Costume Pack Effect
Cyborg Cyborg Costume.png Pack 2.png

Each additional active charge gives Isaac an all-stats up increase

Batteries have an increased chance of spawning on room clear

Damned Damned Costume.png Pack 2.png

Grants flying

Gives Isaac 12 Black Hearts

Upon death, the "Forget Me Now" effect triggers, respawning Isaac at the start of the floor with 6 Black Hearts


Name Pack Description Items Unlocks
Empty Pack 2.png Use Abyss and Void to complete the challenge. Abyss + Void Fehu (Rune)
For The Hoard! Pack 2.png Use your bums and damage upgrades from Hoarder to hoard every pickup throughout the run. Hoarder + Bum Friend + Key Bum Naudiz (Rune)
Restless Leg Syndrome! Pack 2.png Bombs spawn at Isaac's feet if he stands still for longer than 2 seconds. Damage boost from Hot Coals further encourages continual movement. Hot Coals Sowilo (Rune)
The Collector Pack 2.png Isaac must choose between using pickups traditionally, hoarding them as a way to get extra damage from Hoarder, or absorbing them with Cauldron to gain extra items. Cauldron + Hoarder Gebo (Rune)

Change Log[]

Release Date Change Log
Initial Release: 02/16/2017
  • Initial launch release including all base content and features.
V1.1: 02/16/2017
  • Bionic Arm render fix
  • Endor damage nerf
  • Aimbot errors fix
V1.2: 02/17/2017
  • Optimization
  • Cyborg Nerf
  • Cyborg Challenge Nerf
  • Cauldron Buff
  • Challenge Unlock Fixes
  • Possessed Shot Fixes
  • Cauldron Fix
V1.3: 02/18/2017
  • Nerfs Tech Alpha
  • Nerfs Spirit Eye
  • Rebalance Endor
  • Fix issues with the unlock system
V1.4: 02/21/2017
  • Re-added Aimbot unlock sheet asset
V1.5: 02/22/2017
  • Optimization
  • Rune fixes
V1.6: 04/29/2017


  • Fixed enemy spawning bugs/glitches
  • Fixed BOOK OF THE DEAD enemy spawning bug
  • Fixed CHALICE OF BLOOD item sprite bugs
  • Fixed CAULDRON item sprite bugs
  • Fixed KAMIKAZE FLY "blowing up" on spawn
  • Added HOARDER to the treasure and secret pools
  • Added BLACKLIGHT to an item pool
  • Changed KAMIKAZE death to explosion (instead of tear volley)
  • Increased BIRTH CONTROL stats "pay-out"
  • Nerfed TECH ALPHA


  • New Unlockable Item: SUBCONSCIOUS (Delirium)
  • New Unlockable Item: ENDOR'S HAT (Hush)
  • New Unlockable Item: OWL TOTEM (Mega Satan)
  • New Blessing: BLESSING OF FREEDOM (pack 1 blessing deleted, this blessing has a different effect)
  • New Blessing: BLESSING OF KNOWLEDGE (moved from pack 1)
  • Removed ALASTOR'S CANDLE (being re-added in another pack)
  • Removed BRIMHOSTS (being re-added as a "new" enemy in another pack)
  • Removed STARGAZERS (being re-added as a "new" enemy in another pack)
  • Removed the NEW FRIENDS challenge
  • Removed the H4ck3r challenge
  • Removed the PRESS 'SPACE' TO NECROMANCE challenge
  • Removed the I5:44c 2000 challenge


  • Item Updates:

Abyss, Bionic Arm, Black Light, Blasphemous, Blood Drive, Blooderfly, Brunch, Cauldron, Chalice of Blood, Cracked Rock, Gloom Skull, Hemophilia, Hoarder, Hot Coals, Judas' Fez, Mirror, Possessed Shot, Quill Feather, Stoned Nugget, Surgeon Simulator, Tech Alpha

  • Costume Updates:

Abyss, Aimbot, Chalice of Blood, Cracked Rock, Gloom Skull, Hoarder, Possessed Shot, Tech Alpha, Damned Transformation

  • Entity Updates:

Demon Bony, Devourer, Kamikaze Fly, Leech Creep, Lobotomy Gaper, 3 Eyed Nightcrawler, Injured Roundworm

  • Animations:

Added ENDOR death animation

Official Trailer[]