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The End Times was released September 7, 2017 and marked the third official release from Team Alpha.

Pack 3: The End Times can be downloaded here.


  • 20 Items
  • 1 new Trinket
  • 7 new Enemies
  • 2 Pickups
  • 1 Challenge



Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Alastor's Candle Collectible alastorscandle.pngChargebar3.png Pack 3.png "It burns with ALastor's rage" Creates fire orbitals that do damage and cause fear.
Isaac's Skull Collectible isaacsskull.pngChargebar3.png Pack 3.png "Don't ask how this is possible..." Gives Isaac Godhead or Brimstone for the room.


Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Crystallized Collectible crystallized.png Pack 3.png "Can you feel the energy?" Gives Crystal Tears that give the Crystallized status effect and can trigger and damage all enemies affected.
Entropy Collectible entropy.png Pack 3.png "Thermodynamics at it's finest!" -3 tears delay. Isaac has a very high chance to shoot an extra tear slightly off target.
Faithful Ambivalence Collectible faithfulambivalence.png Pack 3.png "Divine intervention" Angel rooms give a free "devil deal" item, and devil rooms give a free "angel item".
Hive Head Collectible hivehead.png Pack 3.png "Queen Status" Grants a Bee Orbital whenever Isaac finishes a room. Bees block shots but flee when Isaac is injured.
Hushy Fly Collectible hushyfly.png Pack 3.png "Littler Hush" A fly orbital that deals contact damage. Hushy Fly stops moving whenever Isaac shoots.
Infection Collectible infection.png Pack 3.png "Enemy Epidemic!" Infection shots give enemies the Infection status which does damage and spreads creep that gives more Infection status.
Leaking Bombs Collectible leakybombs.png Pack 3.png "Push and Run!" Bombs leak explosive gun powder when pushed.
Lil Alastor Collectible lilalastor.png Pack 3.png "Like Alastor. But little." Familiar with a charged fire shot.
Lil Miner Collectible lilminer.png Pack 3.png "Wriggle Digger" Periodically digs down and up finding consumables for Isaac.
Miniature Meteor Collectible miniaturemeteor.png Pack 3.png "It looks like it broke apart." Gives Isaac Meteor shots that can drop Meteor Bits. Meteor Bits increase the damage of Meteor Shots for the current floor.
Mr. Squishy Collectible mrsquishy.png Pack 3.png "Arrhythmiac Splat!" Chance to shoot Mr. Squishy shots which arc up high and then bounce multiple times before exploding into blood shots.
Paint Palette Collectible paintpalette.png Pack 3.png "Feel the PAIN...t" Dyes enemies one of three colors. Enemies of the same color are all damaged in unison.
Peanut Butter Collectible peanutbutter.png Pack 3.png "PB and Slay" Peanut Butter shots slow enemies and make them stick together.
Poly-Mitosis Collectible polymitosis.png Pack 3.png "Splitting Tears" +0.5 damage and -1 tear delay. Splits Isaacs shots twice during flight.
Rocket Shoes Collectible rocketshoes.png Pack 3.png "GO GO ROCKET SHOES" +0.1 speed and makes Isaac reach max speed instantly.
Shooting Star Collectible shootingstar.png Pack 3.png "Homing Comet Tears" Chance to shoot Shooting Star tears that bounce off of enemies and seek other enemies.
Smart Bombs Collectible smartbombs.png Pack 3.png "Seek and Destroy" One cleared rooms bombs now seek out tinted rocks, secret rooms and crawl spaces.
The Cosmos Collectible cosmos.png Pack 3.png "The center of the universe" Gives Isaac three planet orbitals that do damage and cause varying status effects.


Name Icon Pack Description Effect
Moon Rock Trinket moonrock.png Pack 3.png "I wonder where it's from?" Chance to shoot antigrav or tiny planet tears with the "iron bar" effect.


Name Icon Pack Effect
Big Sack Pickup largesack.png Pack 3.png Gives many pickups upon being touched.
Meteor Bits Pickup meteor.png Pack 3.png Increase the damage of Miniature Meteor Shots.


Name Image Pack Attack Pattern
Apparition Apparition Enemy.png Pack 3.png Appears randomly, if killed before it disappears the player gets a Big Sack.
Brimstone Host Brimhost Enemy.png Pack 3.png Behaviour like a Host, but shoots a Brimstone laser instead of shots.
Fleshy Planetoid FleshyPlanetoid Enemy.png Pack 3.png Orbits Isaac and blocks shots.
Meathead Meathead Enemy.png Pack 3.png Lines up with Isaac and slams his head shooting a shockwave at Isaac.
Stargazer Stargazer Enemy.png Pack 3.png Remains idle until it opens its eyes and shoots Hush lasers at Isaac.
Stoney Planetoid Planetoid Enemy.png Pack 3.png Orbits Isaac and blocks shots, cannot be killed. Die when the room is cleared of all other enemies.
Wizeeker Wizeeker Enemy.png Pack 3.png Appears periodically shooting flames in Isaac's direction.


Name Pack Description Items Unlocks
It Follows Pack 3.png Avoid the Hush laser that slowly follows Isaac. ~ Apparition

Change Log[]

Release Date Change Log
Initial Release: 09/07/2017
  • Initial launch release including all base content and features.

Official Trailer[]