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Alphabirth adds new pickups to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Categorically, "pickups" encompass consumables (coins, bombs, keys, hearts), cards, runes, and pills.


Name Icon Pack Effect
Big Sack Pickup largesack.png Pack 3.png Gives many pickups upon being touched.
Glitched Pickups Costume Glitched Pickups.png Pack 1.png A pickup that "glitches" between multiple pickup types.
Meteor Bits Pickup meteor.png Pack 3.png Increase the damage of Miniature Meteor Shots.



Name Icon Pack Effect
Fehu Sheet effect fehu.png Pack 2.png Every tile in the room has a 1/3 chance to spawn a penny.
Gebo Sheet effect gebo.png Pack 2.png Spawns either a trinket, 1-6 consumables, or rarely an item.
Naudiz Sheet effect naudiz.png Pack 2.png Gives Isaac 10 of his lowest consumable.
Sowilo Sheet effect sowilo.png Pack 2.png Enemies are ignited for the next 3 rooms.


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